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Roman Kolyvanov

Creating a New Project

One of the main setbacks we found with other project management software is the way projects are laid out. We found that simplicity and transparency are the key to success, and this is why we created an easy-to-navigate project page for individuals and teams alike.

The Project Page is designed to be a visually appealing central location for all your projects. To streamline your workflow, the page shows a list of all of your current projects in a neat and concise format. From here, you can quickly manage projects, easily view key details for each, and create new ones for your team to complete.

Add a Project

1. To get started, click on “Projects” in the left sidebar menu. This will take you to the Project Page.

2. You will see all your projects listed here after you add them, so if the list is blank, you will have to add your first project. A project encompasses a central idea or concept, and is a simple collection of Epics, Sections, Stories, and Assignments. You will probably have fewer Projects than Stories for example, but you’re welcome to add as many projects as you see fit.

3. To add a new project, click the add project button to the right. A modal window will appear:

4. Only a project name is required to create a new project, although you can add more details if you choose to: 

  • Client - A dropdown list of clients listed in Lyght. Every client you add to your Lyght account can be selected here
  • SOW - The Scope of Work is linked to your chosen client. It’s possible to have multiple SOWs associated with one client, so you can choose between them all here. 
  • Start Date / End Date - Setting a project start and end data can help you keep track of the time you spend on your projects. 
  • Budget Amount / Total Budget Hours - This is a monthly budget allocation to help you organize your resources. 
  • Project Description - A brief introduction to the purpose of your project. When a Project title isn’t enough to convey its meaning, write a description here to help your team stay up to speed on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you decide not to add them now, you can easily add the additional details from the project profile.

5. This will redirect you to the Project Dashboard. From there, you can view/update project details, see time logs and check out all recent activity.

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