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Streamline Your Workflow With Lyght’s Time-Logging Feature

An innovative method to improve team productivity and prioritization by tracking time and analyzing effort.

Identify Bottlenecks

Track time as a team and break down your projects to streamline efforts and focus on what matters most.

Increase Productivity

Set time parameters for projects to stay productive as a team and meet your goals collectively.

Prioritize Effortlessly

Create time budgets that fit your stories and assignments to prioritize your team’s efforts with ease.

Introducing the Lyght Time Tracking Feature

Redefine productivity and surpass your expectations using Lyght’s innovative time tracking feature. Recognize blockers, streamline your workflow, and prioritize effectively to empower your team to create their best work. Let your dreams take flight!

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Streamline your workflow with time tracking breakdowns.

With Lyght’s time tracking breakdowns on your side, determine where you and your team can improve, where you have succeeded thus far, and how to harness this potential energy moving forward.

Increase your team’s productivity with time limitations.

Set time parameters on stories to stay within your budget and increase productivity as a team. Knowing how much time you have pushes you to stay on track and achieve your desired goals.

Time to shine.

Track your team’s workflow effortlessly and accomplish everything you set your minds to by simply using your time tracking data to your benefit. Time is money—and it’s ‘time’ to spend it wisely!

Why the Lyght Time Logging Feature?

Unlike other time trackers, the Lyght time logging feature allows teams to not only see the time they’ve spent on certain assignments but analyze whether this time was spent effectively or not. You can also set time limitations on projects to stay within your budget and prioritize tasks accordingly. This is a clear ‘change of pace’ from other team time logging tools but we believe that’s exactly what makes it so uniquely powerful.

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The Lyght time logging feature is one of the many innovative additions that make the Lyght app so effective for team collaboration and productivity. To try it for yourself, schedule a demo and see just how effectively your team spends their time today!

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