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Visualize work in-progress with the Lyght Kanban

An interactive Kanban Board allowing you to manage your work by dragging and dropping tasks between columns.

Easy to use

Drag and drop functionality to easily manage your work and prioritize what is most important.

Flexible layout

Create a layout that works best for you and your team to streamline and prioritize your projects and workflow.

Full Visibility

Visualize your project task flow, time allotment, and budget in one easy-to-use layout.

Introducing the Lyght Kanban Board

The Lyght Kanban is a digital task visualization feature for fast-moving teams that follows the kanban methodology. It helps spot blockers and make work flow, from To-do to Doing to Done!

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Track workflow with your project kanban.

With the Lyght Kanban Board, visualize each teammates’ efforts and streamline your workflow to resolve project bottlenecks.

Collaborate with your team.

Share your project kanban to increase transparency with your team and quickly prioritize the work in progress.

Your work. Your personal kanban.

Keep track of multiple projects from one space. Every task assigned to you can be accessed from your own personal board.

Why the Lyght Kanban?

Unlike other kanbans, the Lyght Kanban allows you to integrate our time tracking feature and see the subtasks at first glance. This allows you and your team to increase transparency and communication, resolve blockers, and achieve every goal with ease all while respecting your project budget.

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