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Roman Kolyvanov

Defining Specific Tasks with Stories

Stories are a flexible and powerful asset to your project workflow as they capture a description of a specific project goal. They are core to every project, and tie both Epics and Backlog Sections together. A Story centralizes the unique process you and your team create making it easier to flow through projects and assignments and achieve your goals. You can easily assign a Story to an Epic for broad categorization.

Stories in the Backlog are organized by the Sections you create and use. They also appear in the Project Kanban under one of four phases: Backlog, Progress, QA, and Done. Anywhere you choose to view your Stories, you can easily drag and drop them into any order.

You create Stories from within a Section here in the backlog. Afterward, you can move a Story from one Section to the next. It all depends on the workflow you build for yourself. Once made, you can manage a number of important details. Along with providing an intuitive place to house all the tools you need to succeed, the choices you make here will help direct the rest of your project’s flow.

Making Your First Story

1. As always, go to the Projects page from the navigation menu on the left.

2. Once there, you will see the Project List. Click on the project name you’re working on, or if you haven’t made a project yet, create your first one now.

3. Next, click the backlog button from the menu in the upper right.

4. Click the drop down arrow to a Project Section to view the Stories inside.

5. 5 To create a new story, simply enter a name into the 'Create a new story' field and click the add button to create it. Remember, a story is a task is a thing you want done. Be sure to give it a name that reflects the crux of what you want to do.

6. For each Story listed under a Section, you can:

  • Assign an Epic - Create an overarching piece to your project.  
  • Prioritize - Assign an order based on importance and difficulty. 
  • Manage status - Choose between Backlog, In Progress, QA, and Done.

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