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Lyght is a team collaboration tool
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How It Works

Lyght was built to foster collaboration. Simply create a Story you want to build and invite your team to build it. It's teamwork that brings an idea from concept to reality.


Make Work Simple. Make Work Flow.

Organize Your
Work With Stories

With Lyght, stories are designed for flow. Create a sequence of assignments where your team can connect and create together.

Kanban Boards

Collaborate With
Your Team

Stop losing track of conversations in chat threads. Connect with your team on every story in real time to keep things organized.

Identify Patterns
That Matter

Shine light on your team’s efficiencies with time tracking. Gain insights to continuously improve collective communication and workflow.

Jessica UX Designer

It’s nice to be able to divide the work up super clearly. Everybody knows exactly what  to do because there is a set of instructions for each person.


Gain visibility into the time spent and the current state of every assignment. Make collaborative decisions with real-time intelligence.


Organize and prioritize stories from your Backlog using custom workflows that support the way your team collaborates.

Personalized Dashboard

Check in on recent activity, time spent across projects, and recently accessed stories and projects to jump back in to collaborating with your team.

Timelog Reporting

Gain insights from time tracking to continuously improve your process. See time spent on projects, epics, stories, and assignments to get a clear picture of your team’s performance.


Full Suite of Features

5 Team Members

3 Projects

1 GB Storage



Full Suite of Features

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Projects

10 GB Storage

Per User / Month


Custom Integrations

Dedicated Server

Real Time Support

Unlimited Possibilities

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