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Roman Kolyvanov

Building Workflow with the Project Backlog

Because projects require tweaking and an opportunity to see the bigger picture from time to time, we’ve provided users with the Backlog layout as well. The Backlog offers an overview of your project’s Epics and Sections. Epics are broad categories for project features or goals, whereas Sections allow you to design an organizational structure for Stories and Assignments. While they may be different in functionality, both provide a way to build a personalized workflow for you and your team to follow. 

To better understand the Backlog’s viability, we’ve provided a few sample Sections to get you started. These are just a few examples, but feel free to organize them however you like, or delete them and start fresh. As you use Lyght more and more, try new structures to find what works best for you and your team

Adding a Section to the Backlog

1. Start by going to the Project List by clicking on “projects” in the navigation menu on the left.

2. Open a project by clicking its name in the Project List.

3. Next, click the backlog button from the menu in the upper right.

4. You can add a new section with the add section button on the right.

5. Think of a section as a one phase or step to take, so try to give your section a name that conveys what that step means when you enter a name. When you’re done, click add section

6. A new section will appear where you can create, move, and delete stories. You may want to repeat steps 2-3 until you build a flow that fits your project’s needs.

7. After you build your workflow, you can personalize it even further by dragging and dropping each section in any order you like!

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