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Roman Kolyvanov

Adding Your Team to Any Project

Mattie Stepanek, a beloved American Poet, once said, “Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." The truth is great team members are the backbone of any successful project. That’s why we’ve made it simple to add a team to your projects, and manage them too. The Team Page is one of four core project pages, and can be quickly accessed from inside a project.

Any Stories and Assignments that are a part of your project can be worked on by your team. On top of this, the activity logged toward each project can be viewed from the Project Dashboard. Any time your team members log to a project, it will show up on that project’s Time Logs report making time tracking and management one simple process.

Add a Team Member

1. Start by going to the Project List by clicking on “projects” in the navigation menu on the left.

2. Next, click on a project’s name from the Project List.

3. From a Project Dashboard, navigate to your Project Team view from the menu on the top right of the project dashboard.

4.You can see all your team resources from this screen. To add a new team member, click the add members button on the right.

Enter one or more names into the modal window, then click add Team members added here have access to the project. But you can decide the level of access they have by adjusting the “roles” column of the Team List.

5. Here you can see how many hours each team member has logged, view their rate, check their weekly utilization and see their access. If you need more information about an individual team member, click their name to see their user profile!

6. For each team member, you have a three options from the menu on the right: 

  • View member - Either click here or on their name to view your team member’s profile.  
  • Update Rate - Choose the rate of your team member. This will help inform and determine our time suggestions.  
  • Remove Member - Take a team member off a project if need be.

7. Team members can now contribute to the project, and stay in the loop regarding all its progress.

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