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Jeff Wheadon

Updating Your User Profile

Your User Profile is a place to showcase all the important information you want to share with your team. It summarizes who you are and the contributions you make. This feature becomes extremely powerful when your organization encapsulates multiple teams. Since Projects and Epics can span across teams, it’s important to identify yourself and what you do. You can add anything your team needs to know about you such as your email, timezone, hours available per week, and more.

Another feature of the Profile is a mirrored view of a user’s Dashboard. Important pages like Timelogs, Kanban, and Projects to which the user is assigned show up here for anyone to see. That way, any team member’s workload and progress is transparent across the entire team! This transparency is the key to success and cost-effectiveness as it allows team leaders to easily find and resolve blockers in their project workflow.

Update Your User Information

To make the most of your User Profile, it’s important to upload your information for your team to see. Below, we’re going to walk through the simple steps to make your profile pop! 

1. At the top right of the screen, click your user logo, then "My Profile".

2. To edit your personal information, click on the options menu at the top right of the preview widget at the top left of the Profile page, then click "Edit Profile".

3. Here you have a variety of profile options to choose from. You can pick a profile picture on the widget to the left, and update your user information from the form on the right. When you are finished, click save changes at the bottom of the screen. This will take you back to the User Profile page. Many of the changes you made will show up in the left-hand preview widget.

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