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Jeff Wheadon

Introducing Your Personal Dashboard

The Dashboard is an easy place for you to gather an overview of your work, connect with your team, and view your time logs. When projects get bigger, it can be difficult to track your progress and ROI. This is where the Dashboard comes into play. The Dashboard is your central spot to stay on top of each and every Project, Client, Team, Epic, Story, and Assignment. Think of the Dashboard as the bigger picture that must be viewed from time to time in order to stay on task and aligned with your overall goals.

The Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into Lyght. We chose this so you can quickly view hours you have logged, access recently viewed Stories and Projects, and see your weekly stats every time you sign in. There’s a lot to see (after all, you’re in Lyght!) and we’ve worked hard to ensure you can see it all in a concise and transparent manner. 

With the Dashboard, you and your team can always stay on top of your work. Each widget provides a snapshot of a project’s progress, giving a frictionless source of information to keep team members up to date. No more struggling to determine what comes next!

Discovering Your Dashboard

1. View where you are spending your time by clicking on "View Timelogs". We believe time tracking is an essential aspect of project management. That’s why we’ve made it a main feature of Lyght to help decrease margins and optimize your workflow. You can learn more about our time tracking features here and here!

2. Quickly step back into assignments you’re working on by clicking "View Kanban". This will take you to your personal Kanban. Since each Assignment represents a single stride to take, we make it simple to step back into them at the click of a button.

3. See all the recent Projects you have been working on here as well. Clicking a project’s name will take you to the Project Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you can navigate to the Backlog and Kanban for quick access to all of the Stories and Assignments connected to your project.

4. You can view the time you have logged on projects on either a monthly or weekly basis. Time tracking is an important metric used to determine the effectiveness of teams both as individuals and as a collective. You can easily spot trends with our graphs and adjust your work accordingly to reduce costs and prioritize your work!

5. See your personal activity logged here. This is also where you can see all activity logged by your team. If you’ve been mentioned in a comment thread, the message (along with its sender) will show up here!

6. Scroll down past the "Time Logged on Projects" table to see your Recently Viewed Stories. You can easily click on a StoryTitle to pull up a modal window of that Story!

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