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Jeff Wheadon

Presenting Your Personal Kanban Board

Welcome to your Personal Kanban board or, in other words, your "one-stop-co-op-shop"! The Kanban is a board layout tool that allows you to visualize and maximize personal workflow. It’s a fast approach to viewing your upcoming, current, and completed Stories. Three columns separate Stories to which you’re assigned, and then they organize them in a way that fits the project flow. The columns are: Backlog, In Progress, and Done.

If you are assigned to a Story, it will show up both in the project Kanban and here in your personal Kanban. A Story will be in one of the four columns depending on the status set by the Story’s creator. You can drag and drop each story to a new column, but remember that it will also update the status for everyone else assigned to it. Similarly, you can drag and drop each story in whichever order you like inside each column.

Checking Out Your Kanban Board

1. You can access your Personal Kanban via the menu on the top right of any page. Simply click the button below to see your Kanban.

Alternatively, click on your logo at the top right, then click on "Personal Kanban" from the dropdown menu to access the page.

2. The layout is the same as any Project Kanban, but shows only stories to which you are assigned. The main difference between the two is that you can see Stories from a score of different projects. Anything you’re assigned to is now at the tip of your fingers with none of the frills to get in the way!

3. You can search for individual Stories by typing in a title or phrase to the search bar on the top of the screen. In moments, the search will match all relevant items. For example, typing in the word, “update”, will filter for not only Stories entitled “update”, but will also pull up any Story that contains the word. When the list gets bigger, you can use this feature to weed out irrelevant tasks.

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