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Managing Your Clients and Agreements

Managing your clients and agreements can be difficult. Fortunately, with the Client Page, you can not only outline your agreement and client contracts but give them access to work performed on their behalf as well. 

To put it simply, the Client page is a list of all the clients you’re working with. It’s a simple page dedicated to anyone handling client relations, and offers a handful of helpful options to navigate this process. You can add, manage, and remove Clients from here. Clicking on a Client’s name from the list will take you to their individual Client page. Here you can view client agreements, associated projects, and any time logged toward their Scope of Work (SOW).

Adding Your First Client

1. From the left sidebar menu of any page, you click on “Clients” to show the Client List.

2. To add a client, click the add client button on the right and enter your client’s name.

3. After you enter a name, click create client this will take you to the dashboard of the client you just added.

4. Your Client’s name will show up on the top left, and in the background you will see the Client page. But first, when the page loads, you will be asked to add an agreement.

5. If you want to add the agreement right away, start by clicking "Add Agreement". A new window will pop up where you can add: 

  • An Agreement name - Give your Client Agreement a unique name to help organize in the event when one client has multiple agreements. 
  • An Agreement type - Choose between a Scope of Work (SOW) and a Contract. 
  • An Agreement link - Do you store all of your links in a Google Drive? Paste a link here to keep track of where your Agreement lies.   
  • Any important files - For example, add a copy of your contract here.  

The Client Dashboard

1. If you choose to click ‘No, Thank You’ you can add an agreement from the widget on the left of the client page.

2. Any Project assigned to your Client will be displayed in the Projects widget on the left. Click on a Project name to view the Project Dashboard.

3. Time Logged on Projects associated with this client will be shown here. That way, both you and your client can track the progress of the Project!

4. You can easily see all Recent Time Entries logged for this client’s SOW as well. Both time tracking and progress updates are effective ways to maintain a positive relationship with your Clients!

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