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Elliott Counts

Creating and Maintaining Your Knowledge Base

Welcome to your Team’s Knowledge Base. Here, you have an opportunity to create and maintain unique documentation for your company. Each project provides challenges and opportunities to learn, collaborate, and grow both individually and as a team. Take what you learn and shape your Knowledge Base to document your most important lessons, insights, and, of course, knowledge!

Navigate the Knowledge Base with Ease

1. Go to the Knowledge Base by clicking the menu item on the left sidebar.

2. To start, click on Manage Categories.

3. Give your category a name, then click add button to add it to the categories list. As an example, you may want to categorize your articles by a Project, Skill, or Role. Perhaps you discovered a great new way to improve your design process, onboard a new client, or use a tool in a cool new way. These categories will give your team insight into what your articles are about and why they may apply more to some team members than others.

Create an Article

1. Create a new article by clicking the "Create New Article" button in the top right corner. This will launch a modal window to create your article. Select a category, add a title, and upload any content you need.

2. The article will be posted unpublished by default. To publish it, simply slide the toggle button to the right.

3. Your new knowledge base article will be under "All Publications" within this category, there are three options to choose from:

  • All Publications - Publications written by your entire team will show up here.
  • My Publications - Only publications you have published will show up here.
  • My Drafts - Publications you have written and set to “draft” will show up here.

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